Cement Spacer Molds


SpaceFlex Hip is composed by a simple reusable instrument kit and a disposable sterile modular blister with a metal stem as core reinforcement.
Its modularity allows the surgeon to create an antibiotic-loaded bone cement hip spacer choosing among 36 different combinations of dimensions, deciding:

  • the stem diameter (10, 13, 15 mm) when ordering the SpaceFlex Hip;
  • the head diameter (48, 52, 56, 60 mm) and the stem length (140, 170, 210 mm) during the surgery.


Two disposable sterile blisters for tibia and femur compose SpaceFlex Knee.
The SpaceFlex Knee offers the surgeon the possibility to decide the width of the femoral mold and the tibial mold thickness, based on the patient’s anatomy, choosing among the sizing options:

  • the femoral width mold size (60, 70 mm) when ordering the SpaceFlex Knee;
  • the tibial plate mold thickness (12, 16, 20 mm) during the surgery.